Deep body and mind relaxation with mindfulness of the skeleton

This traditional meditation centered on the skeleton invites you to turn toward the body in a new way to deepen relaxation and embodied awareness.

In authentic meditation the body is the path. It connects us to aspects of the mind that we do not normally have access to. The body welcomes our emotions, our postures in the face of life events, our actions, and our deepest consciousness. It thus provides a foundation from which we can explore the material and the spiritual and progress on a deeply personal path.

This traditional mindfulness meditation invites you to turn to the body in a new way, by guiding you through a discovery of the structure that underlies our body, our skeleton. Reconnecting with our skeleton helps us deepen relaxation, body awareness and mindfulness. From there we can find an ideal vantage point from which to explore the new territories that body and mind offer.

Enjoy the meditation, and feel free to share your experience, comments or questions in the comment section below.

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