You and your meditation journey: a personality test

Find out which of the 27 meditation journey profiles is yours!

Your personality shapes your meditation

T his 2 minutes (really!) free test can help you orient or re-orient your meditation journey. It will give you a picture of how your meditation journey might unfold based on your personality.

I developed it to help clients get a better sense of how certain aspect of their personality will play out in their meditation practice, whether they bring challenges or opportunities.

Take the research based meditation questionnaire and determine what your future mindfulness and meditation journey will look like

About the test

The test offers suggestions coming from my meditation experience, and review of scientific studies in the area contemplative sciences. You will first discover your personality in several key areas according to an evidence-based personality model. These will give insights into your relationship to emotions, how you relate to other, and whether you are more extroverted or introverted.

But more importantly you will also learn how these personality aspects might shape your meditation journey. My personal experience and the research indicate that these areas are highly relevant to how meditation unfold for each of us.

About your results

At the end of the test, a full report on 3 areas of your personality will give you insights on:

  • your potential strengths and weaknesses in meditation
  • which personalized benefits you can expect from meditation
  • how your experience in meditation might be like
  • which areas of your life will be impacted by meditation

The goal of the test is to spark insights, not to provide personalized advice. Truly personalized guidance should integrate your experience, your life situation, your personal history, and your meditation goals. I hope you will find value in the test.

Take the test

Simply  follow the instructions.  After the test, you will immediately receive a general overview of your meditation journey. You will also be offered the option to receive free and immediate access to the comprehensive report with all traits by simply providing your email address.