Finding healing and meaning with meditation and IFS therapy

Heal and transform from within with ancient and modern tools for change

Coming home to yourself

Transform your relationship with your inner life deeply, release constraints on your path to change, and find yourself at home in your life.

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  • Grow self-love and acceptance

  • Illuminate and release old patterns and obstacles

  • Gain clarity on your deeper values and needs

  • Understand and transform your relationships

  • Open a path to greater creativity, wisdom and freedom

“ Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love. ” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Change deeply with ancient and modern tools

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We long for inner change. It is the source of our personal freedom and it brings meaning and happiness to ourselves and our communities.

This approach to inner work effects deep and lasting change. It integrates modern and ancient tools :

  • Ancient wisdom and practices from the contemplative traditions of South-East Asia
  • Modern research-based tools for inner work such as Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

If you have a contemplative practice, this work can help you find new depth and meaning in your practice and better integrate your practice, your inner transformation and your daily life.

This work is non-religious and you will benefit whether or not you meditate.

Are you ready to progress on this path to change ?

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An authentic inner transformation with Internal Family Systems therapy

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Internal Family Systems therapy, or IFS for short, is a powerful tool to find healing and change from within. An evidence-based therapeutic modality, IFS offers healing, acceptance and self-understanding.

The work in IFS consists in reconnecting with an authentic sense of presence. From that place we can change our relationship with all the aspects of our rich inner lives: our emotions, attitudes, blockages, patterns, or qualities and strength. With inner work guided by the practitioner, we bring a healing perspective to our inner life, and we can transform the way it shapes our life.

Through this work we reveal a dimension of ourselves which is more open, more integrated, and which reflects our deeper values and qualities. We become more authentically ourselves.

The guidance

Portrait de Nicolas Escoffier dans la nature

I believe that genuine inner work is rooted in our individuality.

This includes our personality, life experiences, and the unique character of the relationships we form with others and the unique ways in which we contribute to our communities.

It is through these personal gifts that we can manifest our deepest capacity for healing, freedom, wisdom and meaningful action.

Is this work a good fit for you ?

People who are drawn to this work are often looking to engage with their inner life more deeply and are drawn to, or have affinities with, contemplative practice whether religious or not. This work can help integrate daily life and inner work with contemplative or spiritual practices and experiences you have had.

This will also be a good fit for individuals who have already worked with IFS, maybe in the course of a psychotherapy, and who wish to continue with deeper integration work that explicitly integrates aspects of their spirituality.

Please note that I do not offer psychotherapy.

FAQ : Frequently asked questions

My guidance style is collaborative and I help my clients develop confidence in their intuitions, and cultivate creativity and autonomy in their lives. I believe these are the catalysts for genuine change. My style has also been described as attentive, precise and reassuring.

No, I primarily guide clients in a secular framework. However, this work is open to all and can also respect and fruitfully integrate religious and spiritual practices and beliefs.

I am trained as a practitioner in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy (Level 1 training). IFS is a new tool for inner change that brings healing through self-acceptance and self-compassion. An evidence-based modality for healing traumatic wounds,  IFS also opens new doors for deepening our inner journey especially through the many connections it offers with traditional spirituality. Learn more about IFS here.

I have completed the Foundations meditation teacher training course under the Unified Mindfulness system. Unified Mindfulness is a secular system of meditation with clear terminology and rigorous precision around concepts and procedures. It allows teaching in an accessible manner any form of meditation regardless of style or tradition. The U.M. system is used by leading institutions like Harvard and Carnegie Mellon University for their research on meditation. Learn more on personal guidance for meditation here.

Learn about my background here.

No. The guidance is centered on yourself and your goals. You will benefit whether or not you meditate.

No, I do not offer psychotherapy. Internal Family System (IFS), is a modern therapeutic modality which has emerged from clinical psychology, however I work with clients on inner life and well-being goals. This excludes any difficulties that would require the attention of a healthcare provider such as psychological suffering that negatively and durably interfere with day-to-day functioning.

We meet on Zoom but we can also use other platforms or the phone if this suits you better.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes long.

Do you have questions ? Do not hesitate to contact me.


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