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16 of the best IFS meditations: guided practices to heal our inner system

Explore these curated IFS guided meditations that help us understand and heal our inner system. Get to know parts and protectors, connect with the self, and explore specific issues and topics through an Internal Family Systems lens.


Classic IFS guided meditations: approaching self and protectors

These are classic IFS meditations recorded by Dick Schwartz the founder of Internal Family System Therapy.

If you don’t quite connect with these, no worries, just scroll down for more options on the same topics.

The path meditation for connecting with self

In this guided meditation, we are invited to find space around parts of our inner system so we can get a better sense of what self and self-energy might feel like for us.

Exploring your reactions to someone who triggers you

In this embodied meditation, we get to know the parts and protectors that come up in our inner system when we are with someone who triggers us.

Getting to know our inner system

Finding and getting to know the parts that need your attention

In this IFS meditation, we let parts who need our attention arise in consciousness and start building a relationship with them. We share our care for them and listen to what they might want to share with us.

A morning IFS meditation to check in with parts

This meditation is focused on the body and starts by a guided body relaxation, and then invite us to explore parts that are present in the body to get to know them in a more classic IFS way.

Developing the relationship between part and self

This IFS meditation highlights the relational dimension of IFS. After a mindful exploration of body and mind, we are invited to connect with a part and to focus on mindfully stepping back to develop a genuine relationship between self and the part through the IFS process of “unblending”. This IFS meditation is guided by Dick Schwartz.

IFS meditations to deal with anxiety, prejudices, the inner critic, and other topics

Meeting our organizers parts: life scheduler, task master, procrastinator

In this IFS meditation, we are meeting the parts of ourselves which work hard to organize our life in daily life and make sure we accomplish things. We also meet the parts they might have a negative impact on. Meditation starts at 4.55.

Meeting prejudiced parts and protectors

This meditation is focused on gently bringing to conscious parts that might hold racial prejudices. By welcoming them and accepting them, we are encouraged to explore their fears so we can heal the prejudices we might have internalized. This video is guided by Loch Kelly.

IFS meditation for anxiety

Here, we connect with our anxious part to learn about its current concerns and its fears for the future. The IFS meditation starts at 12.49.

Understanding your inner critic

Bringing to consciousness our critic or critics parts. We learn from them what…and…

Meditation starts at 9.05.

IFS and meditations from contemplative traditions

Sending loving-kindness to our parts using a Buddhist meditation technique

In this first practice, we are invited to approach our parts as we do in IFS and then offer them love and care using a classical Buddhist guided practice of loving kindness.

IFS meditations to connect with the spacious awareness of self

We are invited to investigate our perception of awareness in this meditation blending IFS and pure awareness practices influenced by the Buddhist contemplative traditions.  This meditation is offered by Lock Kelly, the guided practice starts at 3.12.

Guided practices for people experienced with IFS

You will find here guided meditation with that require some experience with or knowledge of IFS.

Getting to know a protector fear a more direct approach

In this guided practice we get to know a protector, explore its fears and what other role it would like to play, and what it might need from us in the future.

IFS meditation quick check-ins

Here we are checking in with all sensations and emotions that are present, and connect with parts they are associated with. You are invited to write down the parts you identify, so prepare everything you need beforehand. Meditation starts at 3 minutes.

Meditation  to sense whether we’re in a self-like part or in real Self

IFS workshop and guided practice to work with shame

This a 3-part series, in fact a whole workshop, with the guided IFS meditation in the last session. I would encourage you to watch the whole series, as there are a lot of benefits to do so before you follow the last guided practice. This is especially true if you do not have experience with IFS. It is offered by Derek Scott; the guided practice is accessible through a form available in the second video description.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Do you know of IFS meditations which you think should be included? Please get in touch.

Meditations for purchase

A few IFS therapy practitioners offer their own meditations for purchase on their websites. Here are my personal recommendations for more advanced IFS meditations:

Daily parts meditations for clients by Michelle Glass

A series of meditations for people who are already working with an Internal Family System practitioner and wish to reconnect with their parts regularly as part of the work. Available for purchase on her website.

Meditations for Self by Richard Schwartz

A series of 8 meditations by the discoverer of the IFS therapy model available on the IFS institute online store.

Curious to experience IFS ?

If you are inspired to try out IFS, I offer guidance blending IFS with the meditation and ancient psychology I have practiced and studied. I am officially trained in IFS.

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Nicolas Escoffier

Meditation and inner life guidance

I help inquisitive individuals master the inner resources and skills that will support their quest for meaning. I share in a modern framework the tools and insights from 12 years of life and meditation practice in Asia .

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